Anyone in Need of Dexcom G5 Transmitters?

I have a few expired, although recently so, Dexcom G5 Transmitters that I would like to donate. Please let me know if anyone is interested. I would just ask for reimbursement for shipping, and a small donation fee. I have recently moved on to using the Dexcom G6.

I certainly could use them for my son CGM we are trying to find him sensors now but will
Need a transmitter as well since the batteries about to die on his . I will be happy to pay for shipping as well as a small donation fee . My insurance deductible is extremely high especially at the first of year so I can’t afford to purchase supplies so this would
Be awesome! Thank you so
Much !

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Welcome to FUD, @Martcl!

Be aware this is a very old thread. It may not be valid anymore.

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I sent her a PM.

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I sent you a personal message.