"Activity" is not the same thing as "Exercise": Allison's Running Trial

I braid my hair and pin it up! So not too messy when I take it down. Keeps me cool during the run, too :slight_smile:


I am glad you fielded that question. :grinning:


I was sweating my everything off yesterday in 107 degree heat index for three hours when we were finishing up with our contractors for our pond install…my hair was initially pinned up in front all presentable…and then I ended up adding a bun which looked like a horrible man-bun since I cut my hair off recently…and my husband said, “Maybe we’ll come back out here tomorrow for a family selfie when you’re not looking all like Rey from Star Wars.”

I wasn’t even mad. It was so true.



Stay old-school as much as possible.




That hairstyle would have up’d the heat index to 120 degrees easily!

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I don’t know which heat index you are referring to. I think women make comments like that as a trap.

My wife sometimes asks, “Is it hot in here, or is it just me?”

I always answer, “It’s you.”

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I love the fact that you’re open to considering ear buns as attractive. And I love the idea of a “personal heat index”. Once I move from the “I wear yoga pants as tactical mom gear” phase into the “I wear yoga pants bc I run and am totally fit and milftastic” then my personal heat index will be on fire.

Just sayin’.


I am sure all that started happening with the butt pods…

Dang, Eric is still trying to get kicked out of here. :open_mouth:


This is hilarious!:slight_smile: Hot here, too, and I have the same bun!!! Better than a buzz cut! At least I can eventually take it down when it cools off! :slight_smile:


Today’s Run (last one of Week 2):
22:00, 1.62 mi, 6.0 RPE (4:00 running, 2:00 walking)
5.6 mph, cadence 162
ZB 30:00 prior
Starting bg: 125
Ending bg: 115

I would love to report that my RPE felt like a 5.5 or 5.0. But I’m consistently feeling a 6.0 RPE which I have to imagine is bc I am not yet a runner. I think it would be like learning to write left-handed. It would be pretty difficult until I started to really get the hang of it. And I don’t think I’ve gotten the hang of jogging or running yet. I’m not expecting any of this to happen quickly…but @Eric had said 6’s are okay sometimes but not for every run. I think I’m still in the early enough stages that any pace for any length of time is going to feel like a 6 still. I’m totally okay with that. I don’t see a way around it other than sticking with it and chipping away until my heart/lungs/legs get into shape. Today felt pretty good. But it is still not easy. Or terribly comfortable. And definitely not Fun. But it’s worthwhile. I’m glad to be doing it. And I’m learning a lot.


Did you run today?

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It was imposter running. Fake it ‘til I make it running.

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No, stop that nonsense. You ran, so you are a runner. There is no such thing as a “fake” runner. End of discussion.

BG looks great! Perfect, nothing to fix there. Happy with that?

Just for clarification - is the ZB 30 minutes prior AND also throughout the run?

The 10 point drop is not too much. At some point though, when you are doing a longer run, you will need to take some carbs for that. Because a 10 point drop in 20 minutes could become like a 20 point drop in 30 minutes (or more!).

A few carbs while running is kind of like the non-diabetic runner. Their liver feeds them some glucose during their activity, so you can do the exact same thing with some carbs while running.

It’s better to do that than to purposely push your BG up high before-hand…

Do you have a good carb source available?

Cadence is probably okay for now. There is a lot of debate on that. You don’t need to hit a magical number. As long as it’s not a horribly low number - meaning your strides are too long - it’s fine.

A slightly higher cadence will reduce stress on your hips and knees. But we don’t want your stride to become choppy.

When did you take the cadence? Generally your cadence will become lower as you get more tired. So as long as you are not dropping below that number as the run progresses, you are probably fine.

As your speed increases a bit as the weeks progress, I hope to see that number come up a little bit.

So let’s just keep an eye on it for now.

Great you were able to hit the slightly longer segments today!


Tough love. Not unexpected. Cool.

Yes. Turned it back on -10% afterward.

I was three hours after my breakfast bolus…which I had to make a bit larger than usual because of insulin resistance bc of that thing we do not speak of on exercise threads. So the extra breakfast bolus might have been at play during the run. Who knows?

Probably ought to head to Amazon soon…I just keep my house littered with unopened juice boxes and call that good enough. Which I know will not be good enough on this one…

Second minute of the second and third 4:00 run segments. And it was the same both times.

I should warn you that I am willowy.

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Radar contact Willowy Milf two-zero.

Cleared for takeoff, treadmill zero-one.

Climb and maintain RPE six-zero.


Hahahahahaha. Willowy Milf. That’s hilarious!

That’s pretty good, too. Lol.

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My hair is a mess when i put it up and a mess when i let it back down. The trick is to not worry about what you do with it by not worrying what it looks like.


Didn’t know that. I knew that about 8s and 9s. Now I have to start lying about the 6s.


Cadence turned out to be a huge factor for me, @T1Allison. Focusing on a higher cadence naturally changed my stride, posture, where my foot struck… There has just been a lot that it helped me with. I still count my cadence every single run. I know you’re a numbers girl like me, and that is part of the reason I do it. I just enjoy the numbers—and the distraction. I like to count it every mile. Which I know just made @Eric sigh or grunt or something, but I do. I try to never drop below a 190, and I go as high as a 100 to 102 during a faster pace. Because I keep count the way I do, it also serves as a great indicator of a dropping blood sugar during my run. I’ve learned that if I’m feeling tired but can still keep my cadence relatively close, I’m just tired, but if I’m feeling tired and can’t even keep it close, I need to check my BG.

I’ve got all kinds of tricks. Whenever you feel like you need more than Eric’s sound advice and thorough explanation, just let me know. I’ve got show tricks.


I have no problem with that. Running is a mental exercise. Whatever gets you through the workout mentally is absolutely fine with me. I cover the numbers on the treadmill. Do what works!

When my BG is low I don’t run in a straight line. That’s my tip-off. Again, this is all good stuff to share.

I am not sure I have ever given either sound advice or a thorough explanation.

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