A1c blood meters: recommendations? Accuracy?

Was the lab test higher or lower than the CVS test? I was thinking of buying some, since the home tests I used to buy at Walmart aren’t available any more. Maybe not worth the trouble.

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CVS brand was .4 higher than the lab draw. 5.7 and 5.3. I’ve only recently started using the cvs brand since CVS has stopped carrying any other tests. I have used the A1c Now tests for many years and have never seen more than a .1 difference. I plan on ordering a couple and testing them against labs again.


I was looking into a meter for Liam, but it looks like you only get TWO tests with the kit? How much are the refill kits? I couldn’t find any info on the ones specifically used with the CVS brand A1C meter. If anyone has a link, I’d love to see it. It’s $40 for the kit where I live, so that’s $20/test so I can see this being something we maybe do once per month for Liam? I would like to have a good indication (which I kind of already do with Tidepool/Glooko/Clarity, but an actual machine ran number would be nice.)

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FWIW, A1cNow kits are available on AZN

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@ClaudnDaye, I just did an a1c home test and compared it to the lab draw… I have been meaning to post it. Somewhere. But I am running around right now and can’t. I just wanted to tell you I bought a1c Now (@elver!) from amazon and picked up a 10 pack. Or a 20 pack. Can’t remember which. Came to about $10 a test.

But there’s more to say, just no time… If you actually want to hear any of it, let me know. :slight_smile:


Please… Do… Gush forth with the info, we await with baited breath! Seriously though, I personally am very interested. Seriously. No,… Seriously.


I found them. Thanks! Looks like this would be a better deal for sure. I’ll put these on the order list after I run out of the CVS brand.

Okay, @elver… since you’re pretending to care, and that’s nice of you…

My home a1c this time showed a 5.6… aaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddd…

My lab draw was a 6.1. :angry: That’s a disappointing difference… especially since I bought them in bulk. :roll_eyes:

However, I’m still not ready to believe they’re that inaccurate. I feel like for many, many years, my home tests would fall within .1 or .2 of my lab. I will repeat it when I go for my next a1c and hopefully will come back with something that will reinforce all those positive feelings… and justify spending all that money. :woman_facepalming:

No facepalming just yet. I gotta stop that. Just gotta believe. :expressionless:


Just so ya know, I’m envious as all s*** at your A1c regardless of who’s right. I have been struggling for +20 years to get in the 6s. Made it this year, and hope it stays for awhile.

You earned yours honestly with your marathon prep. Hats off to you woman! You are a role model!


Unless you aren’t using a CGM, I’d suggest using Sugarmate app, which I’ve found every bit as reliable as the A1C draws from the lab.

Last A1C draw result was 4.6 - here’s the Sugarmate app



I think it makes a lot of sense to use CGM data. After all, A1C is just an indicator of average BG. In the strictest sense, we don’t strive for a low A1C, but a low average BG. The A1C in itself doesn’t cause the complications.


just to contribute CGM vs Lab.

Lab A1c = 6.5

Sugarmate 90 days
Est. A1C = 6.8
Avg 149
std +/- 49

I have to ask - why do home A1c tests? With the abundance of data provided from CGM or frequent finger sticks, how is this beneficial, especially if it’s costly and not matching up with lab values, anyway?

Honestly just curious!